Three Chemical-Free Ways to Protect Your Hair During Winter

Don’t go outside with wet hair. 

Cold hair expands the hair shaft which makes it more prone to breakage and can lead to colour fading faster. If rushing out the door with wet hair is a regular habit for you, modify your winter hair care routine and wash and dry your hair at night. This will save you time in the dark mornings and make a big difference to the condition to of your hair. Sleeping on freshly washed hair will also help to reduce frizz, especially if Santa bought you a silk pillowcase!

Wear a hat

If you absolutely must leave the house with wet hair, be sure to protect it by tucking it underneath a hat or scarf, the less exposure to the damaging winter elements, the better, and if you can wear a silk or satin lined hat to help reduce frizz.

Drink water

Hair is made up of 25% water? Hydration starts from within and drinking water helps energize and encourage hair growth from root to tip and stimulates the scalp. Enough water can help to prevent common winter scalp problems like dryness, itchiness or dandruff. You hair responses to water just the same as your skin, have you ever noticed how dull and tired your skin looks when you haven’t drunk enough water? Staying hydrated helps [prevent dry skin and split ends and brittle hair.