Three Tips to Help Prolong the Life of your Highlights

Avoid using supermarket shampoos and invest in a salon professional or natural shampoo. Cheaper shampoos strip the tone and colour of the hair quicker as they are detergent based. Look to sulphate-free formulas as these extend the life of permanent hair colour. Use a heat protector. This is important at all times but especially after… Continue Reading »

5 Shampooing Mistakes You Had No Idea You Were Making

Think you know how to wash your hair? Think again! Here are five common mistakes we make when shampooing. Washing your hair every day is generally too much. Every other day or twice a week should be enough. Ideally, you should switch shampoos every couple of months to prevent the buildup of ingredients, especially silicones… Continue Reading »

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

The truth is, it’s different for everyone and it depends on a number of factors, but shampooing more than once a week can dry out your hair and scalp. Your skin type. The skin on your scalp generally mimics the skin on your face, especially your t-zone. If your forehead, nose and chin tend to… Continue Reading »

How To Tame Frizz

Hair that is broken and dry is prone to looking frizzy. Here are some simple tips that can help you minimise frizz. Avoid shampoos containing sulphates. These are the foaming agents that clean hair, but they also strip hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and more likely to soak up humidity in the… Continue Reading »

Do You Suffer From Scalp Irritation?

Most of us at some point in our lives will suffer from scalp irritation. Below are some of the key causes of redness, itching, flakiness and tips on how to maintain a healthy scalp. WASHING YOUR HAIR Malassezia yeasts thrive in an oily environment and when these overgrow, your scalp can become flaky and irritated.… Continue Reading »


mobile hairdresser brighton and hove

1. You’re Always Putting It Up Ponytails and buns can be great, but if every day you find yourself hiding your hair rather than showing it off, getting a fresh cut will revive your style, giving you the option to wear it up or down. 2. It’s Only Shiny on Top When you start to… Continue Reading »

Why You Should Be Using a Hair Mask

Hair, especially coloured hair, doesn’t like the sun, salt or chlorine, but don’t let that stop you having fun. Protect your hair on holiday with treatment masks. They love heat and will work wonders for the condition of your hair during the summer. Hair doesn’t like salt because it dries it out, so whether you… Continue Reading »

Two Holiday Hair Hacks Worth Knowing…..

Here are two great tips that I bet you’ve never heard of before, for managing your hair during the summer months or whilst on holiday. 1. Use a t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel. Patting your hair with a t-shirt will absorb just as much moisture as a towel, but the fibres… Continue Reading »