Three Tips to Help Prolong the Life of your Highlights

Avoid using supermarket shampoos and invest in a salon professional or natural shampoo. Cheaper shampoos strip the tone and colour of the hair quicker as they are detergent based. Look to sulphate-free formulas as these extend the life of permanent hair colour.

Use a heat protector. This is important at all times but especially after the first week of colouring your hair. Hot tools – like hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs –speed up the process of fading, whereas a heat protector will add a good barrier, meaning less chance of your colour evaporating. As well, a purple pigment shampoo will stop brassiness in blondes, while shampoo and conditioners with in-built tints will keep both redheads and brunettes colour going.”

It’s really important to keep your hair moisturised and in good condition. Do this by sleeping in a conditioning mask once or twice a week. You’ll really notice a difference both in colour and overall hair health.