How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

The truth is, it’s different for everyone and it depends on a number of factors, but shampooing more than once a week can dry out your hair and scalp.

Your skin type. The skin on your scalp generally mimics the skin on your face, especially your t-zone. If your forehead, nose and chin tend to be dry, then your scalp probably is too. You don’t want to dry the scalp out, so shampooing once or twice a week with a moisturising shampoo is best for this skin type. If you have an oily t-zone, you will more than likely have an oily scalp which will benefit from more frequent washing. 

You hair texture. As well as skin type, you also need to consider the length, density and texture of your hair. If you have thick, dense hair, you don’t need to wash your hair every day, think of all the time you can save! If you have finer, colour treated hair or heat damaged hair, frequent shampooing can make your hair brittle and dry it out even more. 

Exercise. Leaving sweat on your scalp after a work out isn’t’ going to damage your hair or scalp in any way. If you are conscious that your hair or scalp might smell, just rinse your hair in freshwater, no need to shampoo and/or use a dry shampoo. 

Love your hair and it will love you back.