Seasonal Change …… Time for a Full Head

It’s  here!!! I LOVE  the sun and it’s such a relief for me, both mentally and physically, that Spring has arrived it’s also one of the three perfect times of year to have a full head of highlights.

Below is a full head that I did last week for my lovely client Anna, who on my recommendation has a full head of highlights around three times a year.

At the beginning of Spring I brighten up her hair, and her mood by placing lots of very fine highlights all the way though the hair, adding slighter lighter tones around her face, to enhance the overall brightening effect.


She will then have two to three half heads before another full head in the middle of summer to lighten up the underneath of the hair and tone down the top half that has lifted in the summer sun (!).  This ensures an even all-over colour, which is especially important at this time of year when the hair is tied up alot to combat the heat, putting the underneath on show  more.

Once the Summer has come to an end and we are cosying up for the winter with our comfort food and box sets, by the end of the Autumn – having had another two to three half heads –  Anna will be due, once again, a full head.  This time, to put some warm tones into the top half of her hair, I will add some low lights and carry those through to the underneath,  once again ensuring an even, all-over colour and keeping her the perfect “shade of blonde” to suit her skin tone as the seasons change.

The joy of highlights is that they can be adapted for each changing season, allowing you to subtlety change the colour of your hair to suit your skin tone.  As the days become shorter and we have less sunlight to enhance our complexion and natural skin tone, being too blonde can leave us feeling washed out and pale,  but when the weather starts to change again and the sun comes out and brightens our skin, and our mood we can once again go back to being much brighter blondes, and these subtle changes if applied properly won’t cause any excess damage to your hair.

Aftercare is SO important for the longevity of your colour and the condition of your hair, so it really is worth spending around £12-£15 each on a good quality shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair type and preserve your colour. It is money well spent, you will notice a difference, I promise!

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