Why Dry Shampoo Is Good For The Environment

Dry shampoo is a versatile and inexpensive product that’s great to have in amongst your hair products. I have fine hair, but lots of it, which means my hair is heavy at the roots and quite fine on the ends. A spritz of dry shampoo as a styling product on the ends really helps to thicken them up, add volume and give a windswept look.

In its traditional role, as a product to cover greasy roots and enable you to stretch our shampooing your hair for another day, dry shampoo is a godsend. I try to only wash my hair once a week, the natural oils are so good for the condition and help to promote the regrowth of healthy hair. Washing your hair every day strips the hair of its natural goodness and can lead to dryness of the hair and scalp. If you are using the wrong shampoo and conditioner, a build-up of silicone can will also block the hair follicle and inhibit the growth of new hair. A quick spray of dry shampoo after 2/3 days can save you washing your hair, but make sure you wash out within 48 hours, as again, like silicone based shampoos, too much dry shampoo can block the hair follicle.

If like me, you have a fringe, dry shampoo yet again comes to the rescue. My fringe gets greasy quite quickly, way before the rest of my hair., but I don’t want to spend time washing my whole head of hair just because my fringe needs it. My fringe gets a couple of washes in-between my weekly hair washes and in-between fringe washes I’ll perk it up with a spritz of dry shampoo. It’s a fringe game changer and a time saver.

There are many dry shampoos on the market and they range in price. I don’t think it’s worth spending £20 on dry shampoo, but like all products, you get what you pay for.
My favourite dry shampoo is by environmentally friendly, French pharmacy brand Klorane. Made with nourishing oat milk, this light powder, won’t leave behind a heavy, chalky residue, just a gorgeous smell and fresh looking hair. Not only is the bottle made from recycled materials, but it has also recently been launched in an aerosol-free bottle. At around £8 for 150ml spray, what’s not to love?

By skipping a hair wash you are also doing your bit for the environment. Eco Hair & Beauty suggest that a daily hair wash equates to around 14,222 litres of water and 1,252 kWh of energy a year. An individual carbon footprint of 500 kg of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO₂e). That’s before you take into account the energy used by blow-drying or styling tools such as straighteners and curling tongs…. Pass the dry shampoo.