3 Common Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss can affect up to 50% of us at some point during our lives here are the three most common causes:-

1. Have You Checked Your Iron Levels And Your Thyroid?
Around 20% of women suffer from low iron levels and thyroid disorders which are often undiagnosed and both cause hair loss. It is important to get your levels checked and your GP will be able to do this for you with a simple blood test.

2. How Is Your Nutrition?
Iron, zinc and vitamin D are all essential when it comes to maintaining the condition and growth of your hair. A balanced diet should provide everything you need. However, in some cases, vitamin and mineral supplements may be beneficial. Foods rich in protein are particularly good for your hair, these include eggs, red meat, shellfish and dark, leafy greens.

3. Are You Managing Your Stress Levels?
Major life events such as illness, childbirth and trauma are all recognised causes of hair loss but don’t panic, in the majority of cases 3-4 months after the stress has passed, the hair will start to grow back.