Why You Should Be Using a Hair Mask

Hair, especially coloured hair, doesn’t like the sun, salt or chlorine, but don’t let that stop you having fun. Protect your hair on holiday with treatment masks. They love heat and will work wonders for the condition of your hair during the summer.

Hair doesn’t like salt because it dries it out, so whether you are swimming in the sea or generating salt by sweating from a workout, you are drying out your hair. If you apply a mask before you work out or hit the beach, the active ingredients will push moisture into your hair and seal it in before the salt has a chance to dry your hair out. The heat from your workout or the sun will allow the mask to penetrate deeper into the hair.

Work a mask into damp hair before you hit the beach, the gym or sit around the pool, and protect your hair with a hat. Let the mask sink in and work its magic activated by the heat from your workout or the sun. You will be protecting and restoring your hair at the same time. Healthy hair holds colour longer, a weekly deep conditioning treatment will help to keep your colour vibrant and shiny.