Are You Looking For A Cosmetic Solution For Thinning Hair?

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Is your hair thinning around the parting or the hairline? Are you conscious of being able to see your scalp through your hair where it’s thinning? Well, I may have the answer, hair fibres.

Hair fibres are small coloured keratin strands which when applied to the thinning parts of your hair help to blend the remaining hair with the scalp, thereby disguising any thinning patches or areas. They provide a discreet, cosmetic solution for men and women. 

Hair can start to thin for many reasons apart from age. Many people experience premature hair loss due to illness or trauma and significant hormonal changes during puberty and the perimenopause and the menopause are common causes. Post pregnancy many women find the hair around their temples starts to fall out and stress and a poor diet can be a factor when hair starts to thin in the centre of the hair or along your parting.

Hair fibres work by gripping themselves onto the hair strands and they stay on until they are washed out. Available in a range of colours, they are designed to be sprinkled on the hair, but I would recommend putting some of the fibres into the lid of their container and applying with a small brush. This will give you more precision with your application and make a lot less mess.

If you are concerned about significant hair loss then I advise seeing a trichologist of consulting your GP. Hair fibres are only temporary and purely cosmetic. They will not encourage hair growth or solve the root cause of any hair loss, but they are a great way of concealing areas of thinning and getting back your confidence if your hair loss is getting you down.