The Simple Way To Maintain Your Summer Highlights At Home

How do you maintain blonde highlights during the summer months in between visits to your hairdresser? One of the best ways is to use a purple shampoo and conditioner.

These products are tinged with purple pigment which will counteract orange and yellow tones that build up in your hair. These brassy tones start to show up in your hair due to environmental elements, minerals in tap water and exposure to sun, chlorine and salt water.

Purple products won’t tone your hair, you will need to wait for a visit to your hairdresser, but they will help will to neutralise unwanted warm tones. They will help to prolong your professional colour, they won’t change it or lighten it.

Purple shampoo and conditioner can also be used by brunettes. The darker your hair the more warmth it naturally contains. Purple products can also help to neutralise the warm tones in brunettes and perk up an ombre or balayage colour if it’s turned brassy.

These products can be harsh, as they work by stripping the hair. My advice is to use once a week, shampoo your hair twice, leave the second shampoo on for 5 minutes, rinse and then condition.

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